The Strategy Zone Outdoor Laser Tag

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We are now OPEN
and taking reservations for the 2019 Season

The Strategy Zone - Outdoor Laser Combat
(603) 863-2290


An exciting twist on laser tag.

Have you ever played first person shooter video games such as Medal of Honor, Battlefield or Call of Duty and thought "I'd like to do that"? If so, then The Strategy Zone in Goshen, NH is your opportunity to play for real. At The Strategy Zone, you will have the opportunity to be part of a live combat simulation.

Outdoor laser tag is extreme. It is very unlike indoor arena laser games you might have played but is somewhat similar to paintball or airsoft. However, at The Strategy Zone there are no paintballs or airsoft pellets to buy and no paintball "wounds". All simulations are organized using high-tech laser equipment.

Imagine yourself as a member of a special forces unit.
You advance slowly as an elite team of enemy snipers watch your every move.
Searching through your scope, you spot your mission objective ...
heart pounding adrenaline rush ...
You can't see them, but you feel the snipers eyes on you ...
the hairs stand up on the back of your neck...
"man down, man down"; breaks the silence as a team member takes a hit from the concealed snipers ....

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