We are located in the Sunapee Region of New Hampshire, USA. Minutes from Sunapee State Beach and Sunapee Mountain.

Imagine yourself as a member of a special forces unit. You advance slowly as an elite team of enemy snipers watch your every move. Searching through your scope, you spot your mission objective ... heart pounding adrenaline rush ... You can't see them, but you feel the snipers eyes on you ... the hairs stand up on the back of your neck... "man down, man down" breaks radio silence as a team member takes a hit from the concealed snipers ....


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Looking for some Outdoor Recreation
in New Hampshire ...
want to experience an exciting
alternative to
Paintball or Airsoft?

Be part of the Action!

Live Laser Combat Simulations!

 What is the Strategy Zone?

At The Strategy Zone we  play outdoor laser tag. Outdoor laser tag is an organized, tactical game of team based combat.

Have you ever played first person shooter video games such as Halo, Rainbow Six or Counter Strike? Ever seen the TV series Combat Missions and thought "I'd like to do that"?? If so, then The Strategy Zone is your opportunity to play for real.

Outdoor laser tag is fast-paced and extreme. It is very unlike indoor arena laser games you might have played but is somewhat similar to paintball or airsoft. However, at The Strategy Zone there are no paintballs or airsoft pellets to buy and no paintball "wounds". All simulations are organized and the equipment technology eliminates cheating.

Each team member is equipped with infrared weapons and sensor headgear. Players shoot an invisible and harmless infrared beam similar to the one used in your TV remote control. Teams are assigned missions to complete like "Disable Enemy Communications” or "Hostage Rescue". We have a variety of missions for every level player and unlike computer games, no mission ever plays the same twice.

Laser combat simulations are great fun for the casual player and our structured strategy missions are designed to encourage working together as a team, leadership skills and effective communication.  The ultimate war game, combining role-play and problem-solving, guarantees an experience unlike any other.

Outdoor laser tag is a team oriented combat simulation that can be played in different locations. The Strategy Zone offers an exciting
field, complete with bunkers, bridge and natural terrain, designed specifically to enhance each mission.

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