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• COVID-19

   MASKS - There is no mask mandate for the state of NH as of April 16, 2021. We are not mandating masks to be worn at our facility. We are an outdoor facility where social distancing is possible. If you or your group choose to wear masks, or if it is required by the organization you are affiliated with, by all means, wear your masks. It is your responsibility to monitor yourself and/or your group for mask usage.

   SOCIAL DISTANCING - Each group, or team will have their own table in our staging area. Individuals can determine how much  social interaction they want with people outside their group. It is your responsibility to monitor yourself and/or your group for social distancing.

    DISINFECTING / CLEANING / SANITIZING - Being that most of our high-touch areas are wood, we will provide hand sanitizer near those areas.

▪Tables - will have disposable plastic table covers that will be replaced between each session. In other words, each group will have a new, clean table cover at the beginning of their session.

▪Weapons - will be cleaned and disinfected after each use. Due to COVID-19 sanitary precautions trading weapons will not be allowed.

▪Port-a-potty - will be disinfected, cleaned and sanitized at the end of each session. Hand sanitizer will be available outside the door.

▪Hats - Hats are issued as part of your set-up. They are laundered prior to being used.

• What age do you need to be to play?

   Players need to be 12 years old or turning 12 during the year OR entering 6th grade in the fall.

• Do you need safety equipment?

   NO! Unlike paintball, no safety equipment is required! There are NO projectiles, and the IR beam from the laser weapon is
   not harmful to the eyes (like your TV remote). We do suggest that you wear long pants and require sturdy shoes (no sandals).

• What should I wear?

   Dress for the weather and the foliage. Colors that blend in with the woods at the time of year you are playing are the best
   options to keep you camouflaged. Closed toe shoes are required. No sandals or flip-flop type shoes are allowed on the field.
We suggest that you wear long pants and a long sleeved shirt to protect you from scrapes and bugs.

• How many games do we play?

   We play as many games as we can fit in your session.

• Do you have food available for purchase?

   No. We do not have food available on-site. Please feel free to bring coolers with food and drinks with you.
   No alcohol is allowed anywhere on the property.

• Do I need a reservation?

   At this time we are open by reservation only. We need a minimum of 10 players to open the field.
   Please call for more information regarding minimum occupancy.

• How many people can play you outfit with weapons?

   We can outfit up to 60 players at one time.

• Do you do private sessions where my group is the only one?

   Sometimes this is possible. During high-capacity weekends it may not be an option due to sessions already being booked.
   When you call to make your reservation, we may be able to find a session time that will work for your event.

• What do I bring with me?

   Waiver - All players must have a signed waiver. Waivers for players under 18 yo must be signed by a parent or guardian.

   Water - We do not have running water on our field. Please bring water with you.

   Food - Sessions are 4 hours long. Bring food or snacks, we do not have on-site food for sale.

   Bug spray - You will be outside for 4 hours. Please bring bug spray with you.

   Mask - COVID-19 - NH does not have a mask mandate as of April 16, 2021. If you/your group is required to wear a mask,
       please bring them with you. We do not have masks for sale at our facility.

Have some FUN

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